Beginning May 23, 2022, your Coinbase Guardianship account will be moved to Coinbase Prime. You will maintain the same solutions and feature set as Coinbase Guardianship, but you will access them through the Coinbase Prime system

Coinbase Custody

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Coinbase custody account

Coinbase Guardianship equilibriums safekeeping of private keys with easy online customer access to holdings, enabling customers to both securely and proactively take part in crypto networks. Guardianship solutions consist of the down payment and withdrawal of sustained crypto possessions right into a custodial account as well as staking.

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Does Coinbase provide custody?

While we provide a guardianship service designed from scratch for the unique challenges of keeping crypto possessions, we run very similarly to traditional custodial solutions. We are supervised by the same regulatory authorities, held to the same funding requirements, and audited similarly as a conventional monetary custodian.


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