In the expansive realm of Genshin Impact, a mesmerizing realm of adventure created by miHoYo, a diverse ensemble of characters awaits players, each possessing their own enigmatic abilities and captivating narratives. Among these remarkable individuals stands Hutao, a pyro-infused polearm wielder renowned for her fiery spirit and devastating prowess in combat.

The overwhelming popularity of Hutao has kindled the return of the Hutao rerun event, providing players with a golden opportunity to once again secure this formidable character. In this article, we shall delve into the intricacies of the Genshin Impact Hutao rerun, unraveling all the essential details for you to embark on this blazing journey.

Who is Hutao?

Hutao emerges as a prominent figure in Genshin Impact, hailing from the illustrious Wangsheng Funeral Parlor nestled within the heart of Liyue. As the 77th Director of this revered establishment, Hutao captivates with her idiosyncratic persona and unwavering fascination with the concept of mortality. Armed with a polearm and gifted with the Pyro vision, she unleashes a torrent of scorching attacks upon her adversaries, leaving them engulfed in the flames of her fiery temperament.

An Overview of the Hutao Rerun Event

The Hutao rerun event heralds a thrilling occasion for those who yearn to claim Hutao’s brilliance, their desires rekindled by the flames of longing. During this event, players shall be granted the opportunity to obtain Hutao once more by participating in the event’s wish banner. This rerun event mirrors the mechanics and experiences of Hutao’s initial release, offering players another chance to enshrine this fervent character within their ranks.

Unleashing the Power of Hutao

To unlock the resplendent presence of Hutao during the rerun event, players must partake in the wish banner associated with her resurgence. These wishes may be summoned forth using Primogems, the in-game currency that is obtained through dedicated exploration, quests, and the art of unraveling secrets. Intertwined Fate, another precious resource obtained through gameplay or acquired through judicious investment, may also be utilized to manifest the desired outcome.

Hutao’s Pyro-fueled Abilities and Playstyle

Hutao’s profound abilities revolve around her innate connection with the element of Pyro, allowing her to orchestrate breathtaking conflagrations upon the battlefield. Her Elemental Skill, christened “Guideto Afterlife,” grants her the audacity to plunge into the very essence of her adversaries’ lifeblood, siphoning her own vitality to engulf surrounding foes in blistering Pyro damage.

Her Elemental Burst, known as “Paramita Papilio,” summons forth a celestial phoenix, scorching all adversaries in its radiant path while bestowing upon Hutao an empowering surge of vitality commensurate with her maximum HP.

Assembling a Cohesive Team for Hutao

A wise adventurer recognizes the importance of constructing a team that harmonizes seamlessly with Hutao’s prowess. Synergistic companions who can bolster her combat efficiency and provide invaluable support shall prove indispensable. Characters such as Xingqiu, Bennett, and Diona, who possess restorative and augmentative capabilities, are perfect complements to Hutao’s fiery temperament, ensuring her survival amidst the relentless heat of battle.

Unveiling the Art of Enhancing Hutao’s Artifacts

Artifacts, imbued with mystic energies, wield an extraordinary influence over a character’s capabilities and potential. For Hutao, artifacts that magnify her Pyro damage, enhance critical rate, and augment her HP prove to be indispensable companions on her journey. The Crimson Witch of Flames, a revered artifact set, bequeaths Hutao with intensified Pyro prowess while imbuing her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst with additional vigor.

The Hutao Rerun Wish Banner

Within the boundaries of the Hutao rerun event, a designated wish banner stands as a beacon of hope, beckoning players to summon their aspirations and seize the chance to claim Hutao as their own. The wish banner may also encompass the presence of other illustrious characters and formidable weapons, further enriching the tapestry of possibilities that lie before the intrepid players.

Duration of the Event and its Bountiful Rewards

The Hutao rerun event shall endure for a finite duration, a window of opportunity that beckons players to partake in its offerings. To make the most of this event, players must remain attentive to the in-game announcements and diligently follow the timeline unveiled by the developers. As a token of appreciation for their dedication, the event proffers a cornucopia of rewards, ranging from Primogems to Mora, character experience materials, and much more.

Guidelines for Triumph in the Hutao Rerun

To maximize the odds of securing Hutao’s scorching brilliance during the rerun event, we impart unto you a set of invaluable guidelines:

  • Conserve Primogems and Intertwined Fate for the event, channeling your resources purposefully.
  • Engage in daily quests and events to amass additional Primogems, enriching your chances of success.
  • Meticulously select companions who synergize harmoniously with Hutao’s fervor.
  • Prioritize the acquisition of artifacts that align with Hutao’s distinctive playstyle and potential.

Hutao’s Influence on the Game Meta

Since her initial introduction, Hutao has emerged as a pivotal figure within the ever-evolving Genshin Impact meta. Her unrivaled Pyro damage output and captivating playstyle have endeared her to players who relish a relentless and fiery approach to combat. The Hutao rerun event promises to further solidify her standing as a preeminent and highly coveted character within the vast tapestry of Genshin Impact.

Echoes from the Community: Reactions and Feedback

The Genshin Impact community resonates with palpable excitement and eager anticipation for the Hutao rerun event. Players who previously missed the opportunity to secure Hutao fervently yearn for another chance to embrace her fiery essence.

The community wholeheartedly appreciates the responsive nature of miHoYo, exemplified through their attentiveness to player feedback and their commitment to granting players opportunities to obtain characters they may have missed.

The Road Ahead for Hutao

As one of the most celebrated characters in Genshin Impact, Hutao is destined to play an enduring role in the game’s future updates. Adventurers can anticipate potential refinements to her abilities, the unveiling of new constellations, and the unfolding of enthralling storylines that intertwine with Hutao’s enigmatic persona. Remaining vigilant for future announcements from miHoYo shall unveil the path that Hutao shall tread in the days yet to come.


The Hutao rerun event in Genshin Impact rekindles the flames of longing within the hearts of players, beckoning them to embark on a scorching adventure and secure the fiery brilliance of this remarkable character. Hutao’s captivating narrative, fiery combat abilities, and unrivaled Pyro prowess make her an invaluable addition to any adventurer’s roster.

By adhering to the guidelines and strategies expounded upon in this article, players shall maximize their chances of unlocking Hutao’s boundless potential and basking in the warmth of her radiant flames.