How good is broadband DIRECTV Internet?

DIRECTVDial-up is a thing of the past, cadging off your neighbor’s Wi-Fi gets old fast, so when it is time to install your own Internet service you want to make sure you can pick one that will provide you with the speed you need, but is lacking in the cost that will break your budget. There are enough horror stories on the Internet about customers of FIOS services to make you want to find out what your other options are; fortunately you have quite a few choices. reviewed alternatives to Verizon and other network giants by looking at the satellite and cable anchors who are now offering Internet. They found that DIRECTV Internet may be one of your best options for connecting to the Internet, without disconnecting your entire budget.

What do you need to connect to DIRECTV Internet?

DIRECTV INTERNETWhat you need to connect is going to depend on the type of service you are receiving. While DIRECTV is most commonly associated with broadband Internet access, they now also provide for satellite services as well. For broadband, you need a DIRECTV router/modem and connection cables. You can use any eligible Mac or PC unit that can be connected in. An installation technician will come out and install the wiring and help to set up your system. If you are choosing to install a satellite system then you will have to contact your local DIRECTV company to verify that you can receive a satellite signal at your home or office before committing to a service contract. Depending on your location, if it is eligible for satellite, you may have a standalone dish installed, or a dish styled antenna mounted. This will then connect with a coaxial cable to the transceiver inside that acts as your router box.

How do I know if I can get a satellite signal?

DIRECTV is offered in areas where there are not DSL or cable options for delivery. sums up that they have multiple satellite Internet partners that they use under the DIRECTV brand to provide the service. As long as you can get the antenna placed so it has a clear view of the southern sky you can connect via satellite dish. You can also receive your other bundled services in the same way.

What types of speeds can I expect and is there a data allowance?

With their regular service you can expect lightning fast speeds for your Internet. The satellite service provides for speeds that at up to 200 times faster than dial-up. For standard broadband and DSL service, there is no real data allowance set, although there is a high cap in place on all accounts. On the satellite Internet accounts, every member shares the same data allowance to allow for fair and equal access. If you exceed your allowance, DIRECTV will slow your data speeds until your account resets the next month.

Do I have to have a service contract to get Internet?

DIRECTV offers both month to month and annual service contracts for Internet service. It will depend on your location, and the terms and conditions of your local DIRECTV provider whether one or both options are available. Some areas restrict annual contracts to those with a good credit rating, or who can put down an appropriate security deposit on the account.